Jul 23, 2013

We're buying a house!!

Hooray for a first blog post!!  To be honest, I have absolutely NO IDEA how to blog.  I hope I don't suck at it...

I'm thinking of making this into a home-improvement sort of blog for now since we are in the process of buying a new home.

When we saw it online, we knew we needed to go check it out!  So, Casey text the MLS number to our realtor and asked for her to set up a walk-through.  She called us back immediately and said that if we wanted this little house, we needed to run down to Springville and look at it within the next half hour!  Turns out, the sellers already two other offers on it and would be accepting one that night.  After flying down the freeway, we found it. The grass was slightly overgrown and there were cobwebs in the front bushes. (I stayed away from those!) The yard was HUGE!!  The house sits on a little under a half an acre. (.40)

Yes, that's the house behind those trees!

Finally, our realtor, Lynn got there. (We were a little bit earlier than she was.)  She unlocked the front door and we stepped inside. Bear in mind, that this home was built in 1944 and updated in the 80s.  My first impression was that the house smelled old.  The carpet was a little outdated but not too bad upstairs.  I'm wanting to put in new light fixtures through the house.

Thankfully, there aren't any major stains in the carpeting!  There is old fashioned wallpaper throughout the home, but I don't think it'll be too hard to remove and re-paint.  As for the kitchen, I love that no one has done anything to the cabinets!  There is carpet in the kitchen, which is a little weird but oh well.  I'm wanting to put in some wood flooring anyway! I think that I'll also try to talk Casey into getting us a new fridge and dishwasher.  They both look like they need updating.  I don't want something to break on me.  

I love all of the counter space that the kitchen has! I really like the gas cook top and separate oven in the wall.  It has LOTS of storage space too!  If you noticed all of the wood panelling in the back of the last photo, just know that it's going to be removed.  I'm not too fond of the look of the panelling, and I'm pretty sure that that is one of the sources of the old house smell.  Mom, if you're reading this, you know why I HATE the smell of wood panelling! (It's a silly story that I'll tell you if I do a post when we remove the nasty stuff.) 

I finally have a fireplace!!! Yay!!!  I can't wait to get this baby all fired up and roaring! (See what I did there?) Sorry for the lame joke.  ANYWAY, I'm trying to think of a way to brighten and update the stone around this thing... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  We're thinking of putting our t.v. in this room and making this the place we'll be most of the time.

 (Gotta love the rainbow carpet!)

Now, the basement is pretty big but as you can see, it really needs some work!  We are actually pretty dang excited about fixing up the basement! There is a bathroom, kitchenette, laundry room, one bedroom and a little living room down there.  Oh, and a large storage area that's separate from the rest of the basement too.  Since the back yard has mature fruit trees and grape vines, I'm seriously thinking of getting into canning and food storage!  

(No idea why it's painted pink...)

See?  So much storage area!  This is going to take a while and we have a limited budget but I'm sure we can do it. 

Just for Casey, I'm thinking that we'll turn the garage into a wood shop for my sweetie.  He really needs a place to put all of his equipment and tools.  (I'm also hoping he'll make more pretty wooden things for my new house... hehe) I do think that the old metal lockers need to go though. Those things are just gross!  

Lastly, I LOVE the covered back porch! It'll be perfect for summer evening barbecues with friends and family!  Trust me, the covered space is much larger than it appears in this picture.  I kinda, sorta REALLY want to do a built-in BBQ back here.  I think it would be awesome!  I'm also wanting to eventually put in a little pool and playground in the back yard.  Casey says no, but we'll see. ;) So, that's all for pictures!

After we had walked through the whole home twice, Lynn called the other realtor and asked if our last minute price offer would be worth everyone's time.  He said it definitely would!  We were super excited!  After we left the home, we ran up to Lynn's office in Orem to fill out the papers for our offer.  Now we had to wait for the sellers to look at all three offers and decide which one they wanted to accept.  Later that evening, I got a call from Casey.  The sellers had accepted OUR offer! I immediately started planning what I wanted to do to update the house.  I've been on Pinterest a lot since then pinning to one of my boards.  The thought of updating is daunting for a lot of people, but I think we're ready for it!  We have a lot of amazing family and friends that we can ask for help.  I have a few people in mind to help me decorate so I don't just dump our furniture in there and call it good.  You know who you are!  

So.... This is my first blog post.  I hope it's okay! Ha, hopefully someone is still reading what I'm typing and you haven't fallen asleep yet either.  Until next time!!